Case Studies

From single-site, fast-tracked projects to large-scale redevelopment projects, we ensure each client’s vision becomes a reality. Our record highlights the success that comes from effective collaboration between government, developers and their professional teams.


Paulsboro Port

Since 2000, Maley Givens has acted as redevelopment counsel to the Borough of Paulsboro.  Most notable of the Borough’s redevelopment activities has been the negotiation and consummation of a transfer of the former BP oil refinery to the Borough at no cost to the Borough, while retaining BP’s responsibility for ongoing environmental remediation.

The BP transfer enabled the Borough to enter into a transaction with the South Jersey Port Corporation for the construction and operation of the Paulsboro Port. The transaction’s structure maintains the Borough’s proper control of land use over a state agency and regulates operations to ensure minimal intrusion on adjoining residential neighborhoods.  A long-term PILOT and other financial arrangements resulted in a continual revenue source to the Borough for decades to come. Maley Givens represented the Borough through all aspects of the transactions.


Borough of Glassboro – Rowan Boulevard

Serving as redevelopment counsel since 1999, Maley Givens has been involved in every aspect of the $350 million redevelopment of Glassboro’s downtown. Beginning with the initial planning, acquisition of properties, environmental remediation, search for and selection of redevelopers, agreements, land use approvals, financing and operation regulation, the firm has been an integral member of the Borough’s redevelopment team.

Acquisition of more than 100 properties was accomplished without the use of eminent domain. Development relationships were created and cultivated with Rowan University for a diverse, mixed-use development, built during an economic recession.

The development has strong ties to Rowan University and all of the development transactions have been structured to maintain Borough control over municipal land use and other regulation, securing the provision of steady revenue streams to the Borough for the benefit of all residents.

Borough of Glassboro – Other Redevelopment Projects

Over the last 15 years, there have been numerous redevelopment projects within the Borough: the development of a Walgreens on Delsea Drive; construction of a 400-unit mixed residential project combining age-restricted, single family, and multi-family housing; the development of numerous smaller projects. Each of these projects has been structured with Borough oversight of land use and operational regulation, and the maintenance of continuous revenue streams to the Borough.

American Metro Center – Hamilton, New Jersey

As you stand on the Hamilton, New Jersey train platform you look across the train tracks at a beautiful, modern office complex that was once a toilet factory.  The former American Standard Factory was transformed from a contaminated, abandoned industrial structure into a modern office complex built with a preservationist’s eye to the history of the site.

Overcoming environmental issues, litigation with the local school board over PILOT payments, and other administrative obstacles, Maley Givens represented the project and acted as an integral part of the development team.


Atlantic City Gateway

In 2015 and 2016, Maley Givens served as redevelopment counsel for the City. Among many projects that began during that period, the firm represented the City’s interests in negotiating and helping marshal the Atlantic City Gateway project to fruition bringing Stockton University’s Island Campus and the headquarters of South Jersey Gas to Atlantic City. The firm continues to utilize the full breadth of all laws at every level of government, not just redevelopment law, to create solutions that work for towns and private developers alike.

Township of Mt. Holly – The Gardens

The 300-unit housing project known as The Gardens had become the center for crime, housing violations, and Township attention when officials began its redevelopment focus in the early 2000s.  Construction is now underway on new housing for a mixed-use development.

Over the course of a decade, the Township acquired more than 250 properties without the use of eminent domain.  Maley Givens represented the Township in every facet of the redevelopment from planning, property acquisition and resident relocation through developer searches, selection, and agreement.

This redevelopment was affected by a decade-long litigation in which Maley Givens defended the Township.  With successes in all state courts and at the federal trial level, a decision in the Federal Appellate Courts left the Township seeking relief from the United States Supreme Court.  Maley Givens successfully obtained judicial review from the highest court, where review is granted to only one percent of Supreme Court applications. Weeks before arguments at the Supreme Court, the case was settled, allowing the development to move forward.